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Republic of Korea

Dr. Moonkyoung Chung

- Vice-President of KICT (Korea Institute of Civil engineering and building Technology), Rep. of Korea

- Research: Foundation, Soil Improvement, Scour and Erosion and Geo-environmental Engineering

- Ph.D. (Texas A&M University, USA; 1995.05) / M.S. (Texas A&M University, USA; 1991.12) / 

   B.S. (Yonsei University, Rep. of Korea; 1986.02)

- Contact:

Prof. Gye-Chun Cho

- Professor at KAIST, Rep. of Korea

- Research: Rock mechanics, exploration, tunneling and soil sediment behavior

- Ph.D. (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA; 2001.08) /M.S. (Korea University, Rep. of Korea; 1996.02.) /

   B.S. (Korea University, Rep. of Korea; 1994.02)

- Contact: gyechun@kaist.eduWebstie:

A/Prof. Tae-Hyuk Kwon

- Associate Professor at KAIST, Rep. of Korea

- UNSW Canberra Rector Funded Visiting Fellow (July ~ August, 2018)

- Research: Energy geomechanics, CO2 geological storage, Bio-inspired geomechanics, Tunneling 

- Ph.D. (KAIST, Rep. of Korea; 2008.02) /M.S. (KAIST, ROK; 2004.02) / B.S. (KAIST, ROK; 2002.08)

- Contact: 



Dr. Jianfeng Xue

 Senior Lecturer, School of Engneering and IT, University of New South Wales (UNSW) Canberra

 Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering and Built Environment, Griffith University

Dr. Dominic E.L. Ong

United States

Associate Professor, School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment, Arizona State University

Prof. Leon van Paassen


Prof. Mohsin Qureshi

Assistant Professor, School of Engineering, Sohar University

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