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2 PhD and 2 MS graduates from the SURE3 finished their degrees in 2022-S2

2022 Session 2 was a productive semester for the SURE3 GEO laboratory.

2 PhD and 2 MS students successfully completed their studies with a well-deserved academic milestone.

Dr. Sojeong Lee received her PhD degree from the UNSW Conferral Ceremony on December 7, 2022.

Dr. Lee's PhD study was on the "Influence of Gel-type Biopolymer-based Soil Treatment on the Particle Level Inter Bonding and Shear Behaviour of Soils".

Dr. Girim Kim successfully defended the final dissertation review (December 20, 2022) for his PhD study on "Experimental Study on the Pull-out Resistance Mechanism of Surface Protrusion-type Reinforcement member".

Mintae and Haejin passed the final review for their MS degree conferral on December 13. For their MS theses, Haejin researched "Prediction of the UCS of Biopolymer-based Soil Treatment Using Machine Learning" and Mintae did a "Experimental Study on the Gel Type Biopolymer-based Soil Treatment Effect on the Liquefaction Potential Reduction of Sands."

Congratulations to all for your well-deserved achievements!


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