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Development and Geotechnical Engineering properties of Korea Lunar Simulant (KLS-1)

A journal article about the development of the KLS-1 (Korea Lunar Simulant-1) lunar regolith simulant and its geotechnical engineering properties have been recently released online. Dr. Chang has been proceeded this research in 2015~2016 with is colleagues Dr. Byung-Hyun Ryu and Ms. Cheng-Chan Wang in KICT. The research task was to develop a reliable (high-similarity to real lunar soils) lunar regolith simulant with sufficient supply. The research team finally found a igneous basalt material to produce KLS-1. Basic geotechnical engineering properties (friction angle, cohesion, compressibility) of KLS-1 represent real lunar soils accordingly, which is expected to be used in various lunar related studies. Special cheers to Dr. Ryu and Ms. Wang!

The full text is available at

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