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E3GEO Year-End Workshop at KAIST, Korea

The E3GEO group help its year-end workshop for 2017 on December 21, 2017 at KAIST, Korea. All members (Dr. Chang, Jooyoung Im, Sojeong Lee, An T.P. Tran, Yeong-Man Kwon and our new rookie Minhyung Lee) attend the 5 hours intensive workshop. Jooyoung, Sojeong, An and Yeong-Man presented about their up-to-the-date studies and future plans for 2018.

It has been found that all E3GEO members spent a tough time and devoted their bests on new bio-material development, geotechnical engineering verification and practical implementation through numbers of testbed applications. In the new year, E3GEO planned to concentrate more on micro- and even nano- scale studies to discover more on the soil-biopolymer-water interaction, as well as doing our bests on dynamic (cyclic TX and RC/TS) and water-related (erosion, SWCC, etc) experiments.

We hope to share more promising updates from the year-end workshop of 2018 !!

Members paying attention to Jooyoung's 70 minutes presentation

Each member was supposed to present in at most 30 minutes, while Jooyoung couldn't make it due to is long-time of involvement. We appreciate you John.

An spent a meaningful and productive 2017 with her unsaturated and pressurized permeability studies.

Yeong-Man is an artist ! Everyone was impressive about his beautiful slides. Of course, his research outputs are also attractive.

Sojeong who newly started her Ph.D studies in UNSW 2017 also had interesting results and encouraging plans for 2018 !

What we have done and what we have to do further~!

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