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Dr. Chang's visit to KICT

During his visit to Korea, Dr. Chang visited KICT (Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology), which was his latest affiliation before joining UNSW.

Dr. Chang had a research meeting with Dr. Moon-Kyung Chung and Dr. Chung's research team on the practical application schedule of biopolymer-soils in 2018. UNSW and KICT decided to attempt at least 2 testbed applications using biopolymer-soil spraying method in this year for advanced verification.

Dr. Chang also has short meetings with Dr. Byung-Hyun Ryu for collaborative experiments on PVC-recycled porous pavements. He also had a discussion with Dr. Tae-Min Oh (KIGAM) and Dr. Ah-Ram Kim (KICT) to get insights of common research trends at KIGAM and KICT.

The Geotechnical Engineering Research Institute (GERI) at KICT, where Dr. Chang worked for 5 years.

With Dr. T.M. Oh (KIGAM)

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