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Brand new E3GEO laboratory in KAIST Munji campus !

E3GEO members are currently building a new laboratory focusing on bio-soil research in the KAIST Munji campus.

Newly established equipment include:

- (Digital) Triaxial test apparatus

- (Digital) Direct shear test apparatus

- (Digital / Automatic) Consolidation (oedometer) test apparatus

- Laboratory vegetation chamber (temperature, humidity, light, CO2 control)

- Iso-thermal chamber

- GCTS SWCC test setup

- Pressurized permeability and grouting test apparatus with Teledyne ISCO Syringe pumps

- Wave-based consolidation appartus with digital oscilloscope, function generator, signal conditioner, and PZT sensors

- Viscometer and rheometer

- Hot plate stirrers, pH and conductivity meter, precise lab scale, etc.

- (Brand new) Laboratory benches and cupboards

We are expecting more to be occupied in the upcoming years~!

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