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Research collaboration on Liquid Cell Microscopy for Aqueous Clays

E3GEO and Prof. Jong-Min Yuk (KAIST Department of Material Science and Engineering (MSE)) are currently collaborating on the microscale interaction behaviors of clays in aqueous phase using advanced liquid cell microscopy (LCM).

In 2018, the research team explored the interparticle alignment of clay particles altered by different initial water contents, ion concentrations, and pH variation using meso-scale sedimentation tests and microscale liquid cell TEM microscopy.

We discovered a distinctive transition of particle structures from dispersed particles, face-to-edge and face-to-face floccuation governed by cation concentration variations. Dr. Chang and Prof. Yuk's team have met on December 7, 2018 to have discussions on year to date findings and future plans.

We are hoping to present wonderful results to the public pretty soon~!

Prof. Yuk (MSE, KAIST) and Dr. Chang (SEIT, UNSW)

Mr. Gyun-Sung Dae (PhD candidate, KAIST) and his supervisor Prof. Yuk.

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