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Completion of Final Year Projects 2019~!

In 2019, four Final Year students have joined E3GEO for their Bachelor degree research.

All have worked very hard during this year and finally got approval for their Bachelor in Engineering.

Theses topics are:

Lt. Jake Finnane: Strength durability characteristics of biopolymer hydrogel treated sand

Mr. Joshua P. Daniel: Improving the soil erosion resistance with advance bio-soil technology

Lt. Nathan Petersen: Swelling behavior of biopolymer-clay compounds and application as a new slurry material

Lt. Olivier R. Beaumont: Feasibility study on biopolymer application to the subbase layers of road structures

After their successful thesis presentation and approval, Jake, Nathan, Olivier and Josh have dropped by Dr. Chang's office to surprise Dr. Chang and Sojeong on October 31, 2019.

Jake, Nathan and Olivier will commence their service as a ranked officer of the Australian Army in 2020.

Joshua will start to work with a consuction company in Melbourne. Thanks all and good luck to your onwards~!

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