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Ajou Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory refurbishment~!

The E3 Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory at Ajou University is being refurbished for the first time since the main extension in 2009. All main equipment (chambers, test machines, soil tanks, etc) have been diagnosed, where aged and disused equipment are decided to be discard for this revamping campaign.

The refurbishment commenced on March 22, 2021 and will be completed by April 2, 2021.

After moving out discarding equipment, remaining large-scale chambers and soil tanks will be relocated in the heavy floor room (following photos) to specialize the room for macro-scale tests.

In advance, the Geotechnical Engineering laboratory will be reorganized with 4 different sections

- Micro-scale laboratory: Hosting micro-equipment, microscopes, and clean equipment

- Meso-scale laboratory: Hosting common soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering test apparatuses

- Macro-scale laboratory: Large-scale chambers, tanks, and testing machines

- Mega-scale laboratory: Huge soil tanks (5-m in depth), Wind-erosion apparatus

Hope to meet the new laboratory sections very soon.


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