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Dr. Chang and Sojeong's visit to KICT

Dr. Chang and Sojeong visited KICT (Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology) hosted by Dr. Byung-Hyeon Ryu at the Department of Future Technology and Convergence Research of KICT.

Dr. Chang, Sojeong, Dr. Ryu, and Dr. Hyun-Woo Jin (KICT) had a research discussion followed by a tour to the KICT's novel Civil-Space Convergence Research laboratories

At the front of the high-vacuum dust-allowed chamber for lunar surface environment simulation.

Dr. Ryu, Dr. Chang, and Dr. Jin

Dr. Chang, Dr. Ryu, and Sojeong

The automatic KLS-1 (Korea Lunar Simulant) producing facility

Small scale dust-vacuum chamber for feasibility assessments

Lunar surface simulation room for geologic and topographic considerations

High frequency microwave for lunar regolith sintering

Main control room for the Large-scale high-vacuum dust chamber


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