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E3GEO makes a great success at the YoWIE 2020~!

The School of Engineering and IT (SEIT) at UNSW Canberra holds a 3-day workshop for young women (Year 8-9) who are interested in STEM subjects in the ACT area every summer (mid January) since 2017. The E3GEO started to participate the YoWIE (Young Women In Engineering) since 2019 by leading the civil engineering activity.

For this year's YoWIE, Dr. Chang and Sojeong have amended the program by involving more hands-on activities by using the E3GEO's mini-open channel hydraulic flume. The civil engineering program, which has been entitled as "Earthen Dam", asked students to build their own earthen dam model with given materials (gravels, sand, clay, wood chips, paper rolls). After a 30-mins fabrication we started to flow water and see which group has built the most strongest structure against surface erosion.

This activity attracted the students very much, where most of them pointed the "Earthen Dam" program as the best among the entire YoWIE from the post-program feedback survey.

We are very pleased to see that young women showing high interest in civil and geotechnical engineering practices, especially in sustainability perspectives.

Thanks to all who enjoyed the "Earthen Dam" program this year, and hope to see more in next year's YoWIE.


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