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New E3GEO members at Ajou University

Six new members have joined the E3GEO Research Group from Ajou University according to Dr. Ilhan Chang's employment commenced on September 1, 2020

Three Ph.D candidates (1 full-time, 2 part-time) and three M.S. candidates (all full-time) will strengthen our research capability and widen our research field. The new members are:

Ph.D. candidates

- Moon-Kyeong Baek (full-time)

- Suk-Bong Hong (part-time)

- Si-Hoon Kim (part-time)

M.S. candidates

- Suhyuk Park

- Kiyun Kim

- Donghyun Yang

Welcome all and let's enjoy our onward challenges~!

Members having a meeting. (from the left) Donghyun, Moon-Kyeong, Dr. Chang, Suhyuk, and Giyoon.


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