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SURE3 GEO 2023-S1 Seminar Series #3 and #4

As part of the SURE3 GEO's 2023-S1 Seminar Series, Mr. Junsu Choi (GS E&C) and Prof. Junghee Park (Incheon National University) delivered valuable talks to SURE GEO members and students of the Department of Civil Systems Engineering.

Mr. Junsu Choi is a Manager at GS E&C, Mr. Choi visited Ajou University on May 10 (Wed) and provided an invited lecture on: "Korea Construction in Overseas market: Past, present, and future".

Prof. Park is an Assistant Professor at Incheon National University. Prof. Park delivered a special lecture on "Physical modeling and big data-base considerations on the behavior of particulate media" on May 19 (Fri).

SURE3 GEO appreciates all speakers for their passionate and inspiring lectures.


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