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SURE3 GEO Annual Winter Workshop (Jan 6, 2022)

It is a tradition for the SURE3 GEO group having an annual workshop at the end of the year or the beginning of the new year. The annual workshop's main objective is to 1) review the previous year's progress and achievements and 2) outline significant tasks and goals for the coming year.

On January 6, 2022, all SURE3 GEO members assembled at Ajou University.

The Workshop was organized according to the following timetable.

- Presentation orders

13:30~14:00 Dr. YM Kwon

14:00~14:20 SJ Lee

14:20~14:40 MH Lee

14:40~15:00 Break 1

15:00~15:15 MK Baek

15:15~15:30 SH Park

15:30~15:45 GY Kim

15:45~16:00 MT Kim

16:00~16:15 DY Park

16:15~16:30 HJ Lee

16:30~16:40 Break 2

16:40~18:00 Group discussions

It was inspiring to see how dedicated all members were in 2021, and how they made strong plans for 2022.

Best wishes to everyone!


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