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SURE3 GEO Members to the 17th ARC

From August 13th to 18th, SURE3 GEO Members including Dr. Ilhan Chang, Munkyeong, Suhyuk, Gi-Yun, Hyungbin, Hwijae, Jun-Hyeok, and Jinwoo travelled to Astana, Kazakhstan for the 17th Asian Regional Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering.

SURE3 GEO presented 6 papers through 4 oral presentations and 2 posters as:

<Oral presentations>

- Experiment on reducing lateral earth pressure with a biopolymer-treated layer and geogrid-reinforced sand backfill (Gi-Yun)

- Experimental study on the feasibility assessment of using biopolymer-treated clays as a slurry material for TBM excavation (Dr. Ilhan Chang)

- Experimental study on the load transfer behavior of a deep foundation member induced by the settlement in sand (Suhyuk)

- Experimental study on the stress-strain behavior of underground structures affected by adjacent excavation in a carbon rod geometry (Munkyeong)


- Linear regression to predict the unconfined compressive strength of biopolymer-based soil treatment (BPST)

- Laboratory cyclic shear test to investigate the cyclic response of biopolymer-treated sand

SURE3 GEO Members had a chance to visit Nazarbayev University which is an emerging research-focusing school in the Central Asia region. We also enjoyed Kazakhstani vibe during short recesses.


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