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The core value of our research group is developing countermeasures against recent environmental hazards and threats, through interdisciplinary convergences based on geotechnical engineering. In particular, we focus on 

Environmental- , Extreme-, and Emerging- Geotechnical Engineering solutions, which we call E3 Geotechnical Engineering


Please join us for various research activities including 

Bio-Soil studies, Soil preservation and erosion control, Hydro-geotechnical studies, Anti-desertification, Soil treatment, Underground construction, and Geotechnical engineering solutions for the Space (Moon, Mars)!

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E3GEO Research Seminars
E3GEO Year-End Seminar

December 30, 2019 / KAIST, Korea

Every Friday (10:00~11:00 AEST) / Skype (online)


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