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Research Group

Our research group aims to develop countermeasures against global climate change threats and accompanying geotechnical engineering hazards, through multidisciplinary convergence for the sustainability and eco-resilience of our Civilization.

In particular, we focus on SURE3 geotechnical engineering where  SURE3 stands for SustainabilityUrban utilizationResilience

EnvironmentalExtreme, and Emerging geotechnical engineering

Please join us for various research activities including 

Bio-soil studies, Soil preservation and erosion control, Hydro-geotechnology, Anti-desertification, Soil treatment and ground improvement, Underground construction, and other emerging geotechnical engineering fields.

Research News


[New Chapter] "Microbial Biopolymers as an Alternative Construction Binder" by Cho, G.C., Chang, I. and Im, J. (May 2021) in Microbial Polymers: An Ecological Perspectives (eds.: Vaishnav, A. and Choudhary, D.K.), pp. 581-617, Springer, Singapore.


[New Article] "Evaluation of injection capabilities of a biopolymer-based grout material" (https://doi.org/10.12989/gae.2021.25.1.031) and "Surface erosion behavior of biopolymer-treated river sand" (https://doi.org/10.12989/gae.2021.25.1.049)


E3GEO visited the Daewoo Institute of Construction Technology (DICT) for a field trip


All E3GEO members attended the KGS 2021 Spring Conference. MK, SH, GY, and DH delivered oral presentations on their on going research work. Good job all~!  


Ha-Young has joined the E3GEO as an UG researcher. Welcome~!


[New Article] "Use of reservoir sediments to improve engineering properties of dune sand in Oman" by Dr. Chang 


Sojeong has returned from her program leave and joined the E3GEO group at Ajou University. Welcome back SJ~!


Suhyuk has commenced his PhD studies. Cheers SH in advance~!


Mintae has joined the E3GEO group for his Master studies. Welcome~!


Haejin joined E3GEO as an UG researcher and for her Master studies in advance. Welcome HJ~!


Call for papers:
Special Issue on "Advances in Geotechnical Engineering"

Applied Sciences (IF: 2.474)

Due: July 31, 2021

Call for papers:
Special Issue on "Geomechanics for Energy and a Sustainable Environment II"

Energies (IF: 2.707)

Due: April 10, 2021

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