Welcome to the SURE3 Geotechnical Engineering Research Group

Our research group aims to develop countermeasures against global climate change threats and accompanying geotechnical engineering hazards, through multidisciplinary convergence for the sustainability and eco-resilience of our Civilization.

In particular, we focus on SURE3 geotechnical engineering, where 
SURE3 stands for Sustainability
urban UtilizationResilience

EnvironmentalExtreme, and Emerging geotechnical engineering

Please join us for various research activities including Bio-soil studies, Soil preservation and erosion control, Hydro-geotechnology,
Anti-desertification, Soil treatment and ground improvement, Underground construction, and other emerging geotechnical engineering fields.

Introductory video (in Korean)
Academic impacts (Oct. 2021)

Research News


[New Grant] Dr Chang and the SURE3 GEO lab's proposal for the Mid-Career Researcher Program of the National Research Foundation (NRF) of Korea was approved. SURE3 will be funded for 4 years by the NRF with 682 Million KRW. [More details]


[Conference] The 2022 International Conference on Geomechanics and Engineering (ICGE22) organized by Dr. Chang was a big success with 45 papers and 60+ onsite and online participants.


[Congratulations] Minhyeong has successfully defended his final PhD dissertation review. Big congratulations, Dr. Lee!


[New Article] "Improvement of the geotechnical engineering properties of dune sand using a plant-based biopolymer Serish" by
Dr. Ilhan Chang and collaborators in Australia and Iran (https://doi.org/10.12989/gae.2022.29.5.535)


[Congratulations] Dr. Chang received the Excellent Faculty in Research Award in 2021 from the President (Prof. Kee-Choo Choi) of Ajou University.


[Congratulations] Minhyeong Lee and Moonkyung Baek were awarded the Best Paper Award for their papers presented at the KGS (Korean Geotechnical Society) 2022 Spring Convention (March 16). Big congratulations~!


[New Article] "Engineering characteristics of dune sand–fine marble waste mixtures" by Dr. Ilhan Chang and collaborators in Oman (https://doi.org/10.12989/gae.2022.28.6.547)


[Congratulations] Dr. Chang received Education Excellence and Research Excellence Awards in 2021 from the College of Engineering, Ajou University.


Hwijae (HJ) and Jun-Hyeok (JH) joined the SURE3 GEO group for their UG and further research. Welcome Hwijae and Jun-Hyeok.


[Keynote Lecture] Dr Chang was invited to give a Keynote Lecture at the Advancements in Geotechnical Engineering: from Research to Practice (AGERP22) lecture series. Visit our Blog for more details.


[Congratulations] Gi-Yun and Dong-Hyeon graduated with a MS degree. GY will continue his PhD studies at SURE3 GEO, whereas DH will begin his professional career. Best wishes to DH and GY~!


The SURE3 GEO group convened an Annual Workshop to look back on our accomplishments in 2021 and make strategies for the coming year. For more details visit our Blog


[Congratulations] The Korean Society of Civil Engineers (KSCE) has honored Dr. Chang with the Member Award. 


[MS Thesis Final Review] Donghyeon Yang and Giyoon Kim have finished their MS thesis reviews successfully. Congratulations to the two new Masters, and best wishes for the future!


[Congratulations] Moonkyung Baek and Donghyeon Yang received the Best Paper Award for their papers presented at the KSCE (Korean Society of Civil Engineers) 2021 Convention. Big congratulations~!


[Invited Seminar] "Mechanical Properties of Steel Composites and their use in Construction engineering" by Dr. Donghyun Van (Manger) at the Daewoo Institute of Construction Technology


[Invited Seminar] "Recent developments in Construction Equipment Automation" by Minsu Lee (Senior Researcher) at the Korea Construction Equipment Technology Institute (KOCETI) 


[New Article] "Investigation on the key parameters for the strengthening behavior of biopolymer-based soil treatment (BPST) technology" by Haejin Lee and Ilhan Chang (https://doi.org/10.5804/LHIJ.2021.12.3.109)


[Conference] Dr. Chang, Moon-Kyung, Gi-Yoon, Dong-Hyeon, and Haejin attended the KSCE Convention 2021 held at the Kim Dae Jung Convention Center in Gwangju. Mooon-Kyung, Gi-Yoon, and Dong-Hyeon well presented their research works. Cheers~!


[New Article] "Effects of malonic acid crosslinked starch for soil strength improvement" by Dr. Jooyoung Im and Prof. Chang (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.trgeo.2021.100653)


[New Article] "Site application of biopolymer-based soil treatment (BPST) for slope surface protection: in-situ wet-spraying method details and strengthening effect verification" (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2021.124983)


[Keynote lecture] Dr. Chang was invited and presented a Keynote Lecture to the 2nd International Seminar on Civil and Environmental Engineering (ISCEE2021) "Sustainable Infrastructure and Environmental Development", organized by IPB University, Indonesia.


[New Article] "Effect of pore–fluid chemistry on the undrained shear strength of xanthan gum biopolymer-treated clays" by Ilhan Chang, Yeong-Man Kwon, and Gye-Chun Cho (https://doi.org/10.1061/(ASCE)GT.1943-5606.0002652)


[New Article] "Experimental study to evaluate the adjacent construction effect on the bearing capacity and settlement of nearby foundation structures" by Moon-Kyung Baek, Sang-Duk Lee, and Ilhan Chang (https://doi.org/10.7843/kgs.2021.37.8.15)


[Invited lecture] Dr. Chang presented an Invited Lecture to the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT) in Goyang, invited by Dr. Jin-Tae Han at KICT 


[New Article] "Nickel (Ni2+) removal from water using gellan gum-sand mixture as a filter material" by Thi Phuong An Tran, Hoon Cho, Gye-Chun Cho, Jong-In Han, and Ilhan Chang (https://doi.org/10.3390/app11177884)


[Invited Seminar] Prof. Gyu-Hyun Go at Kumoh National Institute of Technology. Click here for details.


[Invited Seminar] Prof. Jinung Do at Gyeongsang National University. Click here for details.


[New Article] "Biopolymers as green binders for soil improvement in geotechnical applications: A review" by Hadi Fatehi, Dominic E.L. Ong, Jimmy Yu, and Ilhan Chang (https://doi.org/10.3390/geosciences11070291)


[Keynote Lecture] Dr. Chang was invited and presented a Keynote Lecture to the 4th Sohar University Research Conference (SURC2021) organized by Sohar University, Oman.


E3GEO visited the Daewoo Institute of Construction Technology (DICT) for a field trip


[New Chapter] "Microbial Biopolymers as an Alternative Construction Binder" by Cho, G.C., Chang, I. and Im, J. (May 2021) in Microbial Polymers: An Ecological Perspectives (eds.: Vaishnav, A. and Choudhary, D.K.), pp. 581-617, Springer, Singapore.


[New Article] "Evaluation of injection capabilities of a biopolymer-based grout material" (https://doi.org/10.12989/gae.2021.25.1.031) and "Surface erosion behavior of biopolymer-treated river sand" (https://doi.org/10.12989/gae.2021.25.1.049)


All E3GEO members attended the KGS 2021 Spring Conference. MK, SH, GY, and DH delivered oral presentations on their on going research work. Good job all~!  


Ha-Young has joined the E3GEO as an UG researcher. Welcome~!


[Invited lecture] Dr. Chang presented an Invited Lecture to the K-Water Research Institute in Daejeon, invited by Dr. Nam-Ryong Kim at K-Water 


[New Article] "Use of reservoir sediments to improve engineering properties of dune sand in Oman" by Dr. Chang 


Sojeong has returned from her program leave and joined the E3GEO group at Ajou University. Welcome back SJ~!


Suhyuk has commenced his PhD studies. Cheers SH in advance~!


Mintae has joined the E3GEO group for his Master studies. Welcome~!


Haejin joined E3GEO as an UG researcher and for her Master studies in advance. Welcome HJ~!


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